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Did you think about a career of a professional trader?

You should try our private Forex Educational Sessions now! After our lessons, you will know the Forex basics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and many other important tools.

We are proud to offer one of the best programs for self-education! You can use it having opened a trading account here.

The benefits of our educational program:

  • Possibility to trade with our Risk free promotion;
  • Possibility to learn and master Forex Basics, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, etc;
  • Intraday trading;
  • A highly effective system of identifying trading opportunities based on the price actions. It’s easy to use real time trading and it works. The principles used by institutional traders such as banks make trading successful.

Along with the program, we suggest you to visit our Library and Wiki-Forex with important information about the theoretical basics of trading.

Moreover, you can subscribe to our educational newsletter and get free online training conducted by Mr. Grand!

Contact your account manager today for additional details about our innovative educational programs!