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ForexGrand's customers can use actual trading tools that meet the needs of even the most demanding trader. Apart from the huge number of currency pairs, ForexGrand provides an opportunity to trade 72 instruments including oil, nonferrous metals, stocks, indices, etc. Additionally, our clients have access to Bitcoin trading on favorable conditions.

The main instrument of all times is the currency pairs. We offer our clients the spot trading. They do not require actual delivery of the currency, however, allow to get real profit on the differences of quotations at the time of purchase or sale. In the corresponding section, you can find the Forex currency rates.

Index is another important tool for any trader. It shows the general direction of the market and allows to earn on these trends.

Regarding precious metals, gold and silver were used as money for many centuries. It should be noted that they now, especially gold, can be entirely referred to as "real money." Interest to these metals grows during the periods of economic instability. As a strategic raw material, precious metals are always under control of stockbrokers. ForexGrand offers its clients to trade gold and silver on the spot conditions. For the other metals, contracts for difference are offered.

Another tool to earn good money is energy resources. They are used by traders all over the world. Modern society is extremely dependent on oil and gas, therefore, any event affecting suppliers of raw materials leads to price changes. ForexGrand offers traders to earn on changes of energy prices. This allows to profit from fluctuations in energy prices without actual delivery of raw materials.

Every list of instruments that can be traded on the platform Metatrader4 is represented in the relevant sections of our website.