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Past performance is not a guarantee of or prediction of future performance.

Session of Forex trading (GMT)
Pacific (Australia, Oceania)
Wellington 20:00 05:00
Sydney 22:00 07:00
Tokyo 23:00 08:00
Singapore, Hong Kong 00:00 09:00
Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich 07:00 16:00
London 08:00 17:00
New York 13:00 22:00
Chicago 14:00 23:00
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Trading Conditions

Margin 0.50%
Minimum contract size 0.01 lot
1 TICK value per 1 lot in USD 1 USD
Used margin per contract 1 Lot USD = 0.005 x (size of 1 lot) x (Gold market price)
Minimum step for increasing contract size 0.01 lot
Margin requirements to open a lock position* 0

* - Only if Margin Level > 100%

Since ancient times gold is a popular investment object, the so-called "safe haven" for investors in times of world currencies instability. This metal is an important element of the world finance and is used in many industries. At the same time, the gold reserves are small and decrease with each passing year.

Today investing in gold is more relevant than ever because of the political and economic instability in the world. For 2016, the gold price increased by about 8%, this year, experts project that the precious metal's cost will increase too. However, deciding to trade gold, it is worth remembering about the high volatility of this instrument. Therefore, it’s better to use it as the object of long-term investments.

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