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The German DAX 30 index was first published as "DAX" in 1988 by the Frankfurt stock exchange. It is calculated on the basis of market capitalization and liquidity of the 30 largest companies operated on this exchange. The five largest companies in Germany, which are included in the list GER30 are: Daimler (DAI), Bayer (BAYN), Allianz (ALV), Siemens (SIE), and BASF (BAS).

DAX 30 Index is very respected among traders since the dynamics of its indicators shows the level of real development of the German economy. Also due to the GER30 indicator one can judge about economic well-being of Europe as a whole, because the German economy is more than 35% of the Eurozone economy. Analogues of the DAX 30 in Europe are the French CAC40 and the British FTSE 100.

ForexGrand offers its clients to trade with the DAX 30 index with a spread of 3 and 1:100 leverage. Trading hours: 09:00-23:00 (GMT+2).

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