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How to open and configure a chart in MT4?

After installing Metatrader4 on your computer or any gadget, the graphics in the terminal are displayed in a standard way. But all traders visually absorb information in different ways, that's why MT4 provides the ability to change the options of charts to display them in accordance to your desires.

Standard settings are not suitable for analyzing the price movements for many traders, so if you want to change something, you can reorganize the scale, period, and the color of charts. In general, MT4 provides many functions for modifying graphs, and below we will tell about it in details.

Opening of the new graphics

To open a new chart in MT4, you can use one of the next ways:

    1. Open the window "market watch", click the right mouse button on the desired currency pair and choose the menu item "Chart Window".

MetaTrader 4

2. On the toolbar, click the button MetaTrader 4, then select a group of trading instruments from the drop down list.

MetaTrader 4

3. Follow the path: "Window" – "New window", then repeat step 2.

MetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4

4. Follow the path: "File" - "New schedule", then repeat step 2.

Please note: only characters opened in the window "market watch" will be displayed in the list of trading instruments.

To display all symbols, press the right mouse button on any field of the window "market watch" and click on the row "Show all symbols".


The scale of the graph plays an important role in the observation of price movements. Zoom allows you to focus on the details while reducing the figure gives an opportunity to look at the General trend.

In MT4, you can use several ways to change the chart scale:

  • Go to the "Charts" in the main menu bar - "Increase" / "Decrease";
  • Hold down the Shift + / - ("plus" or "minus");
  • On the toolbar MetaTrader 4;
  • Anywhere in the active window open the context menu by pressing the right mouse button and then refer to the command "Increase" or "Decrease".

MetaTrader 4

Changing time frames

If you need to determine the exact point to enter the market, You should choose a narrow time frame for plotting. However, for assessing the General trend you need a wide timeframe. When you have built the graphic, you can change time periods in the following ways:

  • Go to the tool bar "chart Period", which includes all possible time frames;
  • On the toolbar the "Charts" click on the button MetaTrader 4 .
  • In the active chart window of the shortcut menu invoked by the right mouse button, select "Period";
  • Follow the path: "Graphics" in the main menu bar - "Period".

MetaTrader 4

Naturally, the best way is to use the toolbar.

Changing the type of chart display

MT4 offers traders to switch between different chart types easily. Clicking on "Graphics" in the main menu bar you can choose the visualization of the line chart, bar chart, and the Japanese candlestick chart. The same function is available in the toolbarL: just click on the corresponding icon. You can also use Alt+1, Alt+2, and Alt+3.

MetaTrader 4

Color changing graphics

On MT4, a trader can change the chart color for his own convenience by clicking on the trendline in the popup menu choose "Properties". In the next window, you can define the color of each element of your schedule in the tab "Colors".

On the terminal, three color versions are set automatically for graphics. In the "Color scheme", you can select the yellow graphics on a black background, it is also possible to choose green on a black background, and for conservative traders there is a black-and-white palette.

MetaTrader 4

In addition to autocomplete in the right box you can choose the color of each element separately.

Saving graph settings on the terminal with templates

MT4 has a built-in ability to save and then select a previously configured graph. This eliminates the need to adjust every time the visualization window. With one click You can apply a favorite solution that will allow You to analyze the price movement quickly. MetaТrader allows you to save these properties:

  • color scheme;
  • timeframe (period of time);
  • indicators with all the settings;
  • graphic tools (in this case, price values are also saved on the new graph and you will have to adjust);
  • chart scale;
  • the type of graph;
  • attached the TA and all its settings.

In order to save all settings in the database, just press the button MetaTrader 4 on the toolbar, then select "Save template".

MetaTrader 4

A similar option is available under "Graphics" in the main menu bar - "Template" - "Save template" or in the context menu of the graph.

For activating a saved template, click on the button MetaTrader 4, then on "Load template". Once you find the desired version of the template, click "Open" and the graph will be shown in the right way. You can remove a template by a similar way, choosing the line "Remove template".