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One click trading on MT4

Function «One click trading» is one of the most popular among traders all over the world. It helps especially in trading those, who operates on market very often. An updated version of the terminal eliminates the need to install special script for the one-click trading and allows you to work without leaving the program.

It is important to understand that if your terminal does not have this function, it means, that you haven ’t updated platform to a newer version. This can be done by running the update process (LiveUpdate) next time you open the program. It will be offered automatically. MetaTrader will begin to update as soon as you click on the «Start» button.

When the green loading bar is filled, click on the «Update and Restart». This will restart the terminal in an updated version.

If the program does not run updates automatically, you can go to the appropriate section of the broker`s website and reinstall the terminal. Besides, it is not necessary to remove the previous installation file. You can impose it over the old one in the same folder.

How to activate the function and open the orders

The function «One click trading» allows you to make transactions in a second. The operation is implemented directly from the graph without opening the order window.

It should be noted that the function can't be applied to those that are immediately available for execution. For activating it, you need to follow the path: «Service» in the main menu — «Settings» — the «Trade» tab and set the check box «One click trading».

MetaTrader 4

In the next window, you should confirm activation and agree with the rules. If you do not tick the corresponding box, you will continue to trade with the order window.

MetaTrader 4

After you the function activation (if you did it right), go to the graph and, using the right-click, open a context menu. From the drop-down list select «One click trading».

MetaTrader 4

Next in the graph window you will see the plate with dynamic prices of purchase/sale and the lot size.

MetaTrader 4

The lot size is specified in the window and is automatically applied to all orders, including pending ones, so it is important to monitor this indicator. The lot size can be changed by using the pointers or by manual input. After adjusting this option, if you like the price, press Sell or Buy for sale or purchase.

But remember, the operation can be done instantly, because this is the meaning of one-click trading. For hiding the panel of Express-trading, click on the small black pointer just above the inscription «Sell».

How to set stop loss and take profit levels with one click of the mouse?

Thanks to the function of Express-trade you can adjust the levels of stop loss and take profit with a simple drag-and-drop levels. How to do it? After the position has been opened, place your mouse cursor on the order line till a double pointer will appear on the graph. Then hold the button down and drag the line to the desired position of a stop-loss. To change the take profit use the same procedure.

How to close orders and close levels instantly?

Apart from all the functions, «one-click trading» provides a special context menu for the order and for s/l, t/p. In the first case, to see it you need to click the right button of the mouse on the order line.

MetaTrader 4

In the drop down list you will be offered the following options:

  • Edit — in this window you can change the order;
  • Close — instant closure of orders by an actual price;
  • A trailing stop specifies the appropriate level.

Clicking with the right mouse button on the line SL or TP will drop out the same menu, but with one more point — «Cancel the Stop Loss / Take Profit». If you choose this line you will be able to change the levels.

Another good addition is the ability to close the order instantly by clicking the cross at the end of the order information line. In this way you can close quickly a position at the current price.

MetaTrader 4

One more time we want to draw your attention to the fact that when you use «one click trading», all operations will be carried out instantly. If it is inconvenient for you or you want to work with order windows, just disable the Express-trade. Remember: you are working with real money and every mistake can cost you a rather big sum!