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Trump's approval rating updated its worst record

Trump's approval rating updated its worst record

According to the Gallup poll, this week the support level for Donald Trump among the U.S. population fell by 35%. Thus, the American President's rating decreased by 1%, hitting a new record.

The Trump's popularity fall among the US population is largely due to his decisions in migration policy. A decree limiting the entry of the immigrants from seven countries is openly sabotaged in several cities, whose residents don't want to expel illegal immigrants from the country.

Another blow to the U.S. President reputation was caused when Congress refused to support his reform in the health sector, according to which the Obamacare program should be abolished. In addition, the Trump’s cancellation of the moratorium on development of new coal deposits under the climate protection program was also greeted negatively by the public.

As a result, the rating of the U.S. President, that since election was not particularly high, fell to a new low. However, these events have not influenced the dollar's rate growth, which is supported by expectations of the U.S. GDP report publication.