Home News Inflation in Eurozone decreased to 1.5%


Inflation in Eurozone decreased to 1.5%

Inflation in Eurozone decreased to 1.5%

According to the Eurostat data published on Thursday, consumer prices inflation in the Eurozone fell to 1.5%, reversing from a four-year high of 2% in February. Inflation data for March was lower than the ECB forecasts (1,8%).

Experts suggest, that decline of the main inflation indicator below the projected level will ease the pressure on the European Central Bank regarding monetary policy tightening. This is especially about Germany, whose leadership has repeatedly called the ECB to cut the financial incentives program.

Statistical data for March also showed that energy prices in the Eurozone in March grew by 7.3% in annual comparison, which is lower than February's figure of 9.3%. Prices on basic food products, tobacco products and alcohol rose by 1.8% (in February by 2.5%). Core inflation increased by 0.7% compared with last year, which is by 0.1% lower than expected. In February, this figure was 0.9%.