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ForexGrand is proud to provide the classic trading platform MetaTrader 4. MT4 delivers great performance and flexibility with a user-friendly interface. MT4 is a leading platform, which is available in the market today and has all the latest options and developments to meet your trading needs.

This great trading platform simplifies trading and provides great trading opportunities. MT4 is a must for both beginners and expert traders.

What makes MetaTrader 4 the best trading platform:

  • User Experience: User-friendly interface that suits both new and experienced traders and ensures easy and comfortable trading;
  • Language: Users around the globe can view and benefit from the MT4 platform in their own language;
  • Charts: The platform offers advanced charting capabilities enabling traders to trade and analyze the technical aspects of the market simultaneously;
  • Advisors: Advisors, a very popular and critical feature in MT4, allow traders to automate their trading. They can be customized to fit their needs best;
  • Minimum System Requirements: Unlike many other platforms, system requirements are relatively low. That also means your PC can easily run this product. This also means that MT4 is a stable platform, which has an ability to react to trading requests immediately;
  • Security: When you deal with personal and private information, you will need protection from attacks and hacks of your account. MT4 is a highly secure platform that encrypts the data between trader and server by a 128-bit key. Trader’s IP address is also completely concealed;
  • Flexibility: MT4 deals with commodity markets, futures, and equities as well as all currency crosses;
  • Customization: Full customization features are avaliable on the platform to meet every trading need;
  • Developer: An ability to develop your own advisors as well as technical indicators using the MT4’s advanced proprietary MQL programming language.

You can experience all the advantages of MetaTrader 4 by downloading it now!

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