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The story of bitcoin – the cost of bitcoin for all time

The story of cryptocurrency – the cost of BTC for all time

The cryptocurrency has been no longer something new and unusual. For someone, this is a new kind of money that can be safely transferred to any part in the world. Others know it as an instrument for super secure money sending based on the Blockchain technology. Both of that is true, but the question remains: "Is it worth investing in the cryptocurrency? What prospects does this electronic monetary unit have? "

Since 2008, the "digit" has fallen many times and again soared to new maximums. But it is volatility that attracts miners and traders to BTC.

Due to the primacy of innovative money in the world, BTC has a distinct advantage over other digital units. Let's consider the key positions of the world`s first cryptocurrency rate in the history of its existence.

·         In 2008 the launching of the currency occurred;

·         2009: for 1000 BTC $0.003 was given;

·         2010: 1 BTC cost $0.50;

·         2011, 2012: 1 BTC= $10;

·         2013: 1 BTC= $600;

·         2014: 1 BTC= $310;

·         2015: 1 BTC= $360;

·         2016: 1 BTC= $1000;

·         2017: 1 BTC≈ $6000.

Only in 2013, after an unprecedented boom and the same sudden drop of the rate, the BTC began to gradually but surely grow. Until 2014, the upward trend continued. We can say that this was a period of spreading and introducing new money. The society needed to learn about the new "player" in the market and get used to it. Also, the payment system itself was tested and corrected, taking into account the new members of the crypto community.

The second significant upward movement began in late March 2017 and continues to this day. Naturally, the schedule is not quite smooth, as investors would like, but the story stubbornly proves that the "digit" is growing, and it is unlikely that something will again hit the price to half the price.

Current position and forecast for the future

By the evening of October 20 this year, the BTC rate set a new record, breaking through the mark of $6063. A few hours later, the "digit" fell to $6000 per coin and now the price fluctuates within these limits.

Given such data, we can state that Bitcoin's capitalization is currently higher than the majority of the world's companies - $99.7 billion. That is, BTC is the most expensive currency, followed by Ethereum and Ripple.

It is foolish to expect cryptocurrency stagnation, because it is a very volatile asset a priori. The idea about the bubble of the cryptocurrency, according to experts, is highly questionable, as compared to the real estate market in the US. But, if in the case of housing prices are synthetically overestimated, electronic money has already passed the course of formation and is now increasing its turnover in a natural way.

The boldest forecasts indicate that by 2025 the digital unit will be able to participate in 10% of all online payments and 20% of money transfers. With this, Bitcoin's share in the financial market can reach $600 billion. If you invest in bitcoin right now, in a few years your even small investments will turn into a solid capital.

To invest in bitcoin right now!