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How to open a demo account in Forex?

Opening a demo account is a good chance to test the capabilities of the platform and selected broker not to lose your money.

In the article "How to install MT4?" we discussed the procedure of downloading and installing the trading platform on a computer, and now we would like to describe the process of opening a demo account in Forex via the MT4 terminal from the ForexGrand Company.

Description of the procedure

Initially, you are offered to open a demo account when you first launch MT4 after installation. You can also do this through the "File" - "Open an account".

MetaTrader 4

After this, you will see the familiar window.

MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4

Leave the check box "new demo account" and click "Next". Then, a window where you need to fill in your contact information appears.

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It is important to know you can fill in the fields with any information and the program will still work. However, if you want to participate in the bonus programs on demo accounts, get new notifications, etc., please, enter the correct data. After that, click on the "Next" button.

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In the next window, you will see the information about your account and load identifier. It is better to save the data in case you do not receive a letter about opening an account.

If you see a window demonstrated above, it means your account has been activated. Clicking on the "Finish" button you will be able to begin test trading.

If you do not see any data in the lines "Username", "Password", "Investor", return to previous step by clicking "Back" and select "Scan". If you will see a green loading bar, it is possible to try to open an account again by clicking "Next".

In case of successful authorization, you will see your account number on the left in the "Navigator" window.

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Along with this, you will receive a letter about registration in the "Terminal" window in the tab "Inbox". Your data will be given to your account.

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