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General rules of trading with ForexGrand

Successful Forex trading is impossible without proper market analysis and instant orders execution. ForexGrand provides powerful trade infrastructure that meets these requirements.

We execute orders on the NDD/ECN trading system, which gives a trader direct access to the market and allows to make trade deals instantly, without the broker's intervention. We offer MetaTrader4 platform for trading, which is very popular among traders because of the wide analytical capabilities and up-to-date quotations. Find more about ForexGrand trading infrastructure on Order Execution.

At ForexGrand, you can count on the trouble-free transactions at any time from Monday to Friday according to the schedule of the foreign exchange market. Find more information about operation of the Forex market on the page General trading hours.

In accordance with the Forex trading rules, a fee can be charged to put the trade deal to the next day. It is called swap or rollover. It is taken if the rate of the sold currency was higher than the currency rate of the bought one. It is taken to put a position open overnight. On the Swap page, you can find the information about the swap calculation.

We offer you to read more about the basic rules of Forex trading and see the benefits of cooperating with ForexGrand with your own eyes.