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The ForexGrand company provides its customers with a wide range of trading tools. Currency pairs, indices, precious metals, soft commodities, and energies are included in the list of available products for trading. ForexGrand customers have an opportunity to trade simultaneously multiple instruments depending on their capacity, financial expectations, and preferences.

Currency pair is the most popular financial tool for now. Daily foreign exchange market turnover is around $5 trillion, which creates great opportunities to earn. At ForexGrand, you can trade both major currency pairs, characterized by the greatest liquidity, and exotic ones. Trading exotic pairs is in less demand because of high spreads. However, they are more predictable due to the rather dynamic price movements.

CFD contracts have recently become very popular. This financial instrument is a contract for the price difference of a concrete asset. It does not provide ownership rights. However, the difference between the current asset's price and the price at the time of the CFD contract's expiration becomes profit. You can read more about trading CFDs on the page Indices.

Our company also provides an opportunity to trade the soft goods and to earn on the differences using alternative exchange instruments — futures and CFDs. This option is very popular due to the fact that price fluctuations of the soft goods are really easy to predict. Therefore, this trading tool is used by both experienced traders and beginners.

Trading energies and metals has been a great source for earnings for decades. These trading instruments are highly liquid and that’s why they allow to expect a profit in almost any circumstances. You can personally check this by opening a trading account at ForexGrand.