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Sesión de trading de Forex (GMT)
Pacífico (Australia, Oceanía)
Wellington 20:00 05:00
Sydney 22:00 07:00
Tokio 23:00 08:00
Singapur, Hong Kong 00:00 09:00
Frankfurt, París, Zurich 07:00 16:00
Londres 08:00 17:00
New York 13:00 22:00
Chicago 14:00 23:00
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Operar con CFD implica un riesgo significativo de pérdida

Today gold is the most reliable financial asset in the world. The greatest demand for this metal is in times of economic crises when investors start to quickly convert currency into gold. However, even if the market has a flat, the demand for precious metals is always there.

Now the precious metals market allows traders to earn good money on the purchase or sale of such a specific product. Despite the fact that the dollar is the main currency for metals, ForexGrand offers optimal conditions for those who want to move away from the U.S. currency. Our broker allows you to trade CFDs on gold per Euro on the Euro at the very attractive conditions:

  •                      leverage is 1:100
  •                      the size of the spread - 75
  •                      1 lot size is 100 ounces
  •                      trading hours: 01:00-24:00 (GMT+2).

Based on the schedule, which is presented in real time, you will have the opportunity to analyze the current market position and to open a profitable deal to buy or sell gold at the right time. Along with this, you can open a demo account if your experience is not sufficient to trade in the real market yet.

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