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Sesión de trading de Forex (GMT)
Pacífico (Australia, Oceanía)
Wellington 20:00 05:00
Sydney 22:00 07:00
Tokio 23:00 08:00
Singapur, Hong Kong 00:00 09:00
Frankfurt, París, Zurich 07:00 16:00
Londres 08:00 17:00
New York 13:00 22:00
Chicago 14:00 23:00
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Index NSDQ-100 is compared to Ѕ&Р 500 and US30 in terms of the functional characteristics. It reflects the average level of capitalization of the 100 largest and most influential American companies that appear on lists of the NASDAQ stock market. According to this index, it is possible to evaluate the real situation on the US market, because the NASDAQ Index includes companies from various industry sectors except financial.

The NASDAQ Index was first represented in 1985 with a value of 250 points. It included only industrial enterprises. In 2002, requirements to companies for this index significantly weakened, but the financial institutions were still not included.

ForexGrand offers its clients to trade index NSDQ-100 with a spread of 2 and 1:100 leverage. Trading hours: 01:00-23:15 (GMT+2).

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