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The energy sector is known to have a high liquidity and volatility. These two characteristics offer excellent trading opportunities to profit.  Recent volatility rise has given strong trends that can produce high returns for swing traders. It helps them manage time of their positions correctly.

Our Oil and Gas products are unique and non-expiring, moreover, they have spot prices (a spot price is the current price for commodity, which will be immediately delivered.) This is a contrast to expiring Futures products (Futures price is an expected value at a specified future time and place).

The prime benefit of trading spot products is an ability to hold positions without expiring or forcing liquidation.

Symbol Description Contract Size Spread* Levarage* Trading Hours (GMT+2) Base currency
UKOil Spot UK Brent Oil 1 lot = 1000 Barrels 5 1:100 03:00-23:59 USD
USOil Spot US WTI Oil 1 lot = 1000 Barrels 5 1:100 01:00-23:59 USD
NGAS Natural Gas 1 lot= 10,000 MMBtu 6 1:100 01:00-23:59 USD

*Please note: The spreads above are used under normal trading conditions during day trading sessions; however, they may be changed if the market conditions cause increase beyond the normal spreads displayed here due to market risks and shifts in trading conditions. 

*Forexgrand.com has the right to increase the margin requirements due to trading conditions and market risks.