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Success in any sphere depends on the correct choice of mechanisms. Successful trading in Forex depends on the right choice of a trading account. The Forex trading can be a serious business, which can bring a lot of money or sweep the entire deposit. That's why, a trader should focus primarily on his experience and trading strategy starting to trade on a particular account. The ForexGrand Company offers several types of accounts suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

For beginners, the Forex trading can bring serious risks, so it is recommended to open a practice account or so called “demo account”. It allows to explore the features of the foreign exchange market, to test trading strategies and make some conclusions about where and how to move forward. A distinctive feature on a demo account is that the trader can operate with virtual money and without putting risk on his own funds. Of course, the profit on this account is also not real.

More experienced traders open real accounts. While choosing they are taking into account leverage, spread and other important options. It is allowed to trade on different types of accounts at the same time. This makes trading in the foreign exchange market as efficient as possible with a reasonable approach to risk management.