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Mr. Grand

Good afternoon!

My name is Mr. Grand and I welcome you to the pages of our Forex broker. We’ve been working to create a comfortable environment for trading and are glad to assure you our service is getting better every day.

The path we have travelled to provide high-quality Forex trading services is longer than several years and even decades. This is a story related not only to the trading market, but even more — to the global political, economic, and social changes.

Our entire history began in the 17th century, when the rapid growth of the first industrial companies had given the massive impulse to the market relations development. The origins of our activities go back to establishment of the East India Company, which was the first powerful enterprise of the era. During the rapid development of market relations, many people tried to make money in the financial field, opened the first banks and became closer to such concepts as loans and bank deposits.

My ancestors were directly involved into the Company. They saw a lot during the time of their engagement in this activity — from the sea voyages to routine work in the headquarters. Their main activity was financial accounting, control of revenues and expenses of the company, and building relationships with new trading partners. To work in the East India Company became a family tradition passed from generation to generation. It was regarded not only as a profitable business, but also as a system of values given from fathers to their children.

However, nothing lasts forever, and even the first powerful financial companies suffered defeat and were closed. The main reasons were the market development, shift to new technologies, and worldwide modernization of production facilities. East India functionaries could not manage the changes in the market development. On the other hand, it clearly showed the true competition in a healthy society.

During the existence of the East India Company, my ancestors earned a lot of money. However, it is not comparable to experience and ability to manage business gained during the company’s existence. The earned money was reinvested into new projects or into education. Despite all political and social problems, knowledge remains with a person.

After this story, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and be engaged in the financial activities to become a professional. The path in this area is not always an easy one, because everyone is on the way of sacrificing their time and different attractive proposals. My goal was to become the best in my favorite hobby, to conquer all the tops, and to achieve absolute success in the financial business.

After graduation from my university, I have worked in a variety of companies, banks, and auditing companies. Naturally, this is a great way for anyone who wants to achieve success in the marketing business and to earn good money. You can become an auditor, a financial advisor, or a manager and make your dreams come true. In just a few years of hard work, a house, a great car, and a substantial sum for the future are achievable. However, this office routine becomes boring sooner or later and you want to diversify your favorite activity.

My job was originally associated with the foreign exchange transactions. A great amount of time was spent to keep up to date on the latest developments in the world market. Since then, it was decided to take a break from work in the office. I began to spend more time in the Forex market working remotely. I approached that matter carefully trying be focused on it. it was my main job and I traded like that for several months. During this time, I have seen different brokers and I tried different accounts and services. In general, I became familiar with many details. I decided to break up with steady job and engaged into the foreign exchange market. It was a story of my ups and downs.

This story lasted for about 3 years and I got great knowledge about each side of trading in the end. I knew everything about the working methods of brokers and dealing centers from all over the world. During my first year of trading in the market, I did not get a big profit, but my income was steady. Afterwards, I was in the black for the next 1,5 years having a hard time with brokers, analysts, and their support services. The next step was what you see now. After several years of hard work and putting a team of professionals together, I, Mr. Grand, decided to launch the project.

We have been providing quality brokerage services for traders from all around the world for 5 years since its first launch. For about 3 of these years, we were at the level of very high deposits in order to avoid problems with unreliable partners and clients. After getting a stable client base and high level of confidence in our partners, we decided to lower the level of the minimum deposit. From that moment, our brokerage services became available for millions of traders around the globe and now we are ready to provide services to any customer.

The history of our company is something we can be proud of. It helps to keep our values unchanged for centuries and fight for justice, honesty, and financial literacy. I, Mr. Grand, am a Guarantor of our values cherished for a long time and I am sure you will be satisfied with trading with us. See you soon!

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Grand.